Student Dress Code

Student Dress
A student’s appearance, self-respect and performance tend to complement each other; hence, reasonable care and neatness in regard to dress are required of all students.


School Uniform for Kindergarten (new for 2013)

Warm Weather:   Ash Gym Tee Shirt with St. Cecilia logo & Hunter Green Gym Shorts with St. Cecilia logo

Cold Weather:    Hunter Green Sweatshirt with St. Cecilia logo &  Hunter Green Sweatpants
School Uniform for Boys (Grades 1 through 8)
Shirts –
white or blue; long or short sleeve
September/October and May/June golf shirts with school logo may be worn.
Ties – plaid school tie
Eighth grade boys may wear an appropriate tie of their choice.
Sweater – navy blue v-neck sweater vest or navy blue long sleeve v-neck sweater with school logo (This is no longer optional.)
Slacks -  navy blue dress trousers with black belt.  Belt must be visible.
Jeans, Levis, painter pants or baggy pants are not acceptable.
Shoes – black tie dress shoes with non-marking soles. No sneaker type shoes.
Hair – reasonable style, above the eyes, ears, and collar. Fad hair styles, shaving of heads and coloring of hair are forbidden.
Jewelry – (Optional) wrist watch, religious medal. No other jewelry may be worn.

School Uniform for Girls (Grades 1 through 8)

Blouses –
white long or short sleeves;  Grades 1 to 5 – Peter Pan collar;  Grades 6 to 8 – Oxford button down
Uniform - Grades 1 to 5 – plaid jumper;  Grades 6-8 – navy blue kilt (no shorter than 1 inch above the knee).
Tie – red criss-cross tie must be worn with the jumper (Optional in September/October and May/June)
Sweater –  Grades 1 to 5 – navy blue cardigan with school logo;  Grades 6 to 8 – navy blue v-neck sweater vest or navy blue long sleeve v-neck sweater with school logo (This is no longer optional.)
Socks -
navy blue knee socks or blue tights (Ankle socks may not be worn.)
Shoes – solid blue or black and white saddle shoes
Hair reasonable style;  Fad hair styles and color treated hair are not acceptable.
Jewelry – A wrist watch, a single ring, and one pair of post earrings may be worn.  Make-up, fake nails, and colored nail polish are not permitted.

Spring/Fall Uniform   (This uniform may be worn in Sept/Oct and May/June.  It is optional)
White or navy blue golf shirts (if not wearing the golf shirt, a tie must be worn.)
Navy blue shorts/belt
White ankle socks (socks must cover the ankle.)

Gym Uniform
Sweat Suit
– gray with St. Cecilia insignia
T Shirt – gray with St. Cecilia insignia or a Walk-a-thon T-shirt may be worn
Shorts – gray or green mesh with St. Cecilia insignia
Sneakers  – no platform sneakers
Socks – white athletic crew