Safe Environment Program

The Safe Environment Program at St. Cecilia School

Contact: Lisa Hnat


The safety of the children is very important to us. All volunteers of Saint Cecilia School and Parish who come in contact with children are required to comply with the requirements and policies set forth by Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

This includes chaperones on class trips, even if only for one trip which includes the 8th grade trip, CYO coaches, volunteers in school and at school events.

The following must be completed and on file at Saint Cecilia Church in order for you to volunteer. To obtain forms and for more information, contact the Safe Environment Coordinator at 215-725-1240 or email

We highly encourage you to complete and process the paperwork yourself. Only if you do not have access to a computer will Saint Cecilia Church process your clearances. 


  • Criminal Record Check – go to EPATCH . Click on Submit a New Record Check and proceed. At the end, click on Certification, print out the certificate and send to the tuition office. This is FREE for volunteers.
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance - go to COMPASS . Before beginning online, be sure you have all addresses and people you lived with since 1975. Print certificate and send to the tuition office. This is FREE for volunteers.
  • FBI Fingerprint Clearance – (for ALL employees and ONLY volunteers living in Pennsylvania for less than 10 years or outside Pennsylvania) Go to MorphoTrust.  (Requires payment and code, Volunteer code: 1KG6Y3) send the clearance to tuition office.
  • Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers (for ALL VOLUNTEERS living in Pennsylvania continuously for 10 years). This is in place of the FBI Fingerprint Clearance. Request form via email to  Sign forms and return to the tuition office. Disclosure Statement
  • Mandated Reporter Acknowledgement Form – Keep the brochure for your records. Sign the form and send it to the rectory. Mandated Rptr Acknowledgement Form



  • Protecting God’s Children (Approximately 2 1/2 hours) To view the schedule of classes and to register, got to VIRTUS. Please be sure to send a copy of the certificate you receive at class to the tuition office to be kept on file.
  • Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse – Training is online and takes one hour to complete. Visit Child Youth Protection and click on “Training Institute”. For help, contact the Support Desk Monday – Friday from 10 AM to PM at (267)642-8269. Please print the certificate at the end of the session and send to the tuition office for your file.


Safe environment note