Uniform Exchange

Welcome to the new school year!St. Cecilia uniform exchange logo

St. Cecilia school would like to remind everyone that starting this school year (2018-2019),  all students must wear the green sweatpants and sweatshirts.   


How the Uniform Exchange Program Works

Do you have any GOOD quality unwanted, outgrown school uniforms?

If the answer is yes, please donate them to St. Cecilia’s Uniform Exchange.

The uniform exchange is a free program open to all St. Cecilia’s students families. The purpose of the uniform exchange is to help you save money, recycle and help other families in the process. S.C.S. uniform exchange motto is, take what you need and give when you can. Let’s face it, new clothing is expensive and children often outgrow them before they wear it out! Why buy new when there are perfectly good items in the uniform exchange available for free? Any family in need of a uniform can have one as long as we have the size needed.

All donated items are checked for quality, washed, bagged individually and sorted in to size.

The program only works if uniforms are donated so please consider giving uniforms you no longer need. If you are able to donate, please make sure that the clothes are in a reusable condition. The size of the item should be identifiable. If it is not, please indicate the size on the item with indelible ink.

Please remember, you do not have to donate clothes in order to take from the uniform exchange.

If you have any questions, please reach out to:

GIRLS UNIFORMS – Donna Kilpatrick – 215-620-1836

BOYS UNIFORMS – Nicole Whalen – 215-307-9200