Tuition Assistance

Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia

Scholarship applications now available for next school year 2017-2018
2,000 NEW four-year scholarships for grades K—8


Priority application period will close November 15, 2016
1,600 winners will be announced December 14, 2016

Second application deadline will be March 1, 2017
400 winners will be announced March 14, 2017

If you are currently receiving a CSFP scholarship, you DO NOT need to apply for this lottery. You will receive renewal information April, 2017.

For additional information, please contact the tuition office at 215-725-2201.

Tuition Assistance is available to families through the following scholarships:
BLOCS (more info)
Bridge Educational Scholarship, Inc.
Children’s Scholarship Fund, Philadelphia
Dave Palmer Memorial Foundation
Futuro Educacional, Inc.
Knights of Columbus
Servants Memorial Fund
Smart Aid For Parents (more info)
St. Cecilia Scholarship
Sullivan Grant

Detailed information and application forms are available by contacting the Tuition Office at 215-725-2201.