Administration and Staff | Saint Cecilia School

Administration and Staff

PASTOR:  Rev. Charles E Bonner

PAROCHIAL VICARS: Rev. Robert Lucas 

PRINCIPAL:     Sister Jane Mary Carr, IHM

VICE PRINCIPAL:    Sister Patricia Healey, IHM   

Staffed by Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Lay Faculty


Mrs. Donna Moser Pre-K
Mrs. Maria DeJesus Pre-K Aide
Mrs. Jill Meissler Pre-K Aide
Mrs. Margaret McGlynn-Haugh K-1
Ms. Rachel Sileo K-2
Mrs. Carla Daley K-3
Mrs. Patricia Hickerson Room 11
Ms. Bonnie Gunn Room 12
Mrs. Lori Brown Room 13
S. Carolyn Shomper Room 21
Mrs. Lorraine Sonneborn Room 22
Mrs. Theresa Stokes Room 23
Ms. Karen Neumer Room 31
Mrs. Diana Pendergast Room 32
Ms. Ashlyn Houck Room 33
Ms. Victoria Gablein Room 41
Ms. Carly McLaverty Room 42
Mrs. Janet McHugh Room 43
Ms. Maryanne Burgmann Room 51
Ms. Sharon Dale Room 52
Ms. Jacqueline Latta Room 53
Ms. Ursula Begley Room 61
Mrs. Jennifer Coe Room 62
Mrs. Joan Gullotti Room 63
Ms. Christine Kerr Room 71
Mrs. Laura Diver Room 72
Mrs. Debra Brewster Room 73
Ms. Kelly Roney Room 81
Mrs. Catherine Kane Room 82
Mr. Robert Henry Room 83
Mrs. Carol Grugan Science Lab
Mrs. Jennifer Imlay Technology
Mrs. Karen Pinero Physical Education
Mrs. Mary Cihak Honors Math
Mrs. Nora McCloskey Art (5-8)
Ms. Shannon Jarvis Band/Music (K-4)
Mr. Michael Kraft Strings
Ms Deborah Lynch Dancing Classrooms
S. JoAnna Ralph Library
Mrs. Rhonda Stevenson Library Assistant
S. Mary Praskac Religious Enrichment
S. Bernadette Kane Religious Enrichment
S. Elizabeth Ann Brooks Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Roberta Mitchell Secretary
Mrs. Frances Williams Receptionist
Mrs. Patricia Martyn Receptionist
Mrs. Joanne Smith School Nurse
Mrs. Heather Mazzella School Lunch
Mrs. Peg Frosch
Mr. Thomas Wagner Maintenence
Mr. Brian McNichol Custodian
Rev. Mr. Patrick Diamond Permanent Deacon
Susan Wagner Business Manager
Mrs. Eleanor Kerwick Parish Receptionist
Mrs. Marcia Mason PREP Coordinator
Ms.Ashley Baron CORA Psychologist
Ms. Madison Trout
Ms. Courtney Cohen CORA Speech
Ms. Christine Fink CORA Education
Mrs. Jessica Pokras CORA Guidance
Ms. Claudia Mooney
Mrs. Jeannette Soriano ESL Program/Reading
Mrs. Sally Dunleavy Family Connections
Mrs. Tahnie Bocchinfuso Title 1 Reading

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